How to choose a protective panda for my baby’s crib?

One of the most popular purchases made by parents in recent years is the protective panda for their baby’s crib. Usually the goal is not only to choose a simple protective panda to cover the dangerous parts of the crib so that the child does not hit with his legs, arms or even his head, but also to achieve the best possible result in the piece of decoration.

Long before a mother welcomes her baby, she begins to imagine how she would like to organize and decorate her child’s space. The protective panda may not be among the first must-haves, but it is usually not missing from the shopping list for the baby that has been prepared. But how to choose a satisfactory protective panda and match it with the bed you have already acquired?

First of all, it is good to mention that there are all different types and they are not intended exclusively for baby cribs. What does this mean; It means that, whatever type of bed you choose, even if you only sleep, there are various solutions and options to protect your child as much as possible. Before we move on and look in detail at the options in protective panda, it is worth referring to possible dimensions and points that we often neglect but follow to be basic.

Before choosing a protective panda, it would be ideal if the crib intended for the infant had already been chosen. It is one of the most basic first steps because when buying the bed, we know the exact dimensions and needs to be covered. An important point is the type of bed, whether it has bars to tie everything in, because if it doesn’t, as usual, it doesn’t have a cradle or some swings at the headrest point, automatically some people are excluded. It would also help you a lot if you had decided on the decoration or style of the children’s room so that the choice of protective panda completed it properly. Finally, you should have done your market research and determined a possible budget.

Often stressed new mothers end up covering the bed completely, forgetting and not calculating two important points. The first is washing and drying. In the case of a very large and bulky product, you will have a lot of trouble managing it. It may not fit in your washing machine which automatically means hand washing, but how do you wash and lay out such a large panda? Also how to dry? As it is usually not recommended to use a tumble dryer on such items. In addition, we must not forget that the child grows, if in the beginning it is a small thing and takes up so much space, this will not be true forever. It grows rapidly and soon it can be disturbed by a large protective panda because it also takes up some space. Automatically your purchase will be lost very quickly and you will be forced to get something equally protective but with less volume. However, of course, you can completely cover your baby’s crib by dividing it into two or three pieces. This is also useful for washing, because the pieces are smaller, but also when the child grows up, instead of removing the whole thing, you can gradually remove it piece by piece.

The basic choices in protective panda

We would say that the protectors are divided into five basic categories. Of course, it is not absolute because the market is enriched with many products of various kinds, but they all more or less fit into one of the options below.

Protective braid

The protective braid even though it is a relatively new product in the market, it can easily become one of the most wanted ones. Imagine the classic braid that we made small in our hair as a protection in your child’s bed. As the knitting no longer remains only the classic, that is, the triple, but

it can also be made quadruple to cover more at the height of the baby’s bed. Η αγορά μιας τριπλής πλεξούδας θεωρείται σίγουρα μια καλή επένδυση διότι μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί με πολλούς τρόπους. In case you have
αποκτήσει μια κλασική βρεφική κούνια θα είναι σίγουρα μια στυλάτη και καλή επιλογή για την προστασία, μπορεί να έχει και κάποια κορδονάκια για να εφαρμόζει τέλεια. If you intend to use a cradle or the arrival of your baby develops into a harvest, the purchase of this braid will definitely not go to waste. Whether in the cradle or even on the parents’ bed, this protective blanket can be comfortably placed and work properly. It will certainly serve you in the future, when the child now has a single bed, even there the braid can be placed, now of course mainly for decorative purposes.

Thin protective panda

A common choice is the classic double-sided panda, consisting of rectangular cushions joined together. It’s not thick enough, so it doesn’t take up much space on the bed, but

and at the same time it means that it may not protect a child from a hundred blows

per cent. Of course, it is often a little bit in the child, because some are more lively, others have a more restless sleep and other children hardly move at all. Of course, it is often a little bit in the child, because some are more lively, others have a more restless sleep and other children hardly move at all. And since its use is limited to cots with rails, as soon as the child is transferred to a single bed, the cot can no longer be used. But you will have obtained a beautiful double-sided protective case, which you will enjoy a lot, placing it on both sides.

Protective always puffy

Another similar choice in double-sided pandas is the protective one

always puffy, i.e. more inflatable. As in the thin always so also in the peri


in the case of puffy the bed designated for the baby must definitely have rails, even in the doorway. Otherwise this panda will stretch and not fit properly. By choosing such you always definitely choose a fully protective option. It is more inflatable, takes up more space, but protects the baby from possible bumps. Here too a panda can be created from some pieces so that it can, in case of need, be removed gradually.

Pillow cylinder

It has been observed that this particular type of protective panda is chosen by parents for older children. It fits perfectly on a single bed of various kinds, because it comes and clips nicely to the wall, where one side of the single bed usually rests. It is done with a pattern or monochrome. It’s not very bouncy, but we wouldn’t call it completely flat either. Of course, it could also fit in a baby crib or cradle. It could veaIt could also have some strings to make it more stable and tie to the railing. So here too, acquiring such a pillow becomes a future investment because it can fit in the cot as well as in a single bed.

Decorative pillows

A more playful way to become the protective panda is to choose some decorative pillows such as: animals, crowns, bubbles, stars, unicorns and so on. Surely some of them could also have cords to tie to the baby crib. Once again we have an option that will not go to waste in the future either and these pads can easily become a discovery toy for the baby. You can also make a combination by choosing a braid to cover half the bed or the side rail and for the headboard you have two beautiful decorative pillows.

All the above suggestions and options are available in the market. You can easily be served and properly consulted so that you too end up in the market that suits you. Apart from the main points mentioned and worth paying attention to as you complete the selection of baby items for your baby, it is purely a personal matter and has to do with your taste as well as your capabilities. Create a custom-made baby with the Handmade Baby Collection. A Greek company with handmade baby items, countless quality options at very affordable prices.

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