The first baby toys

Baby toys are your baby’s first inseparable “friends”. That’s why you should choose them carefully by gifting him with baby toys that take care of his needs and help him develop through pleasant play. Baby toys generally have a dual purpose, which includes both developing your baby’s skills and keeping him calm. That’s why many baby toys are designed to help them relax and unwind, while others baby toys they focus on sharpening his senses and leading him to “discover” the world around him. So you realize how important suitable baby toys are for the healthy development of your baby and his smooth transition from one stage of his development to the next. Fortunately, the variety is very wide and you can always take into account the preferences or special needs of your own unique infant, as long as these have been expressed by your baby.

The Handmade Baby Collection offers you baby toys

There are some timeless baby toys that hold a special place in every baby’s heart, as they are usually their first toys. He may not even remember them growing up, but they are inextricably linked to his first cognitive experiences. The Handmade Baby Collection offers you three baby toys with timeless value and these are the following: The famous cuddly bunny, the hand rattle and the rattle ball. Each of these serves its purpose in the good development of your baby and can give him his first emotions through play • joy expressed in laughter, love expressed in hugs and generally positive feelings expressed towards his first “precious” babies games. A general rule, regarding the choice of toys during the first months of the baby’s life, is to prefer baby toys made of baby-friendly materials, soft, so as not to injure him, and in bright colors and designs.

Baby toys: Why choose the cuddly bunny?

The cuddly bunny belongs to the collection of baby toys of the Handmade Baby Collection and we proudly recommend it to you so that your own newborn baby can have it too. The cuddly bunny is one of the most essential baby toys, with which you should have made sure to equip yourself from the first moment. Its uses are many; initially it “picks up” the smell of the mother and in this way ensures your baby peace and security, because it reminds him of your presence, where during the first months of his life it is absolutely necessary for him to relax . You can also use the cuddly bunny as a shoulder cover after feeding to place the baby there for the well-known digestion process. Also, because of its colors and design, it attracts the baby’s attention as it grows, giving it the right stimuli needed for its brain development. While you will often see him using the cuddly bunny to rub his gums.

Why should I choose the hand rattle?

As soon as your baby reaches two to two and a half months of life, it’s time to start placing baby toys in his hands, so that the palms relax and open. In this way, the ability to hold, and later to properly manage small things such as a fork or a pencil, is strengthened. So, if you want to help your baby in this direction through his baby toys, all you have to do is buy a hand rattle. The hand rattles that you will find in the collection of baby toys of the Handmade Baby Collection are the ideal choice, as this particular hand rattle is made to serve exactly those needs of your baby • it has the perfect grip, two sound stimuli, lively designs that your baby will love, and 100% cotton fabric. While, it is very soft so as not to injure your baby, as in these months they tend to bring everything they hold with force towards their head.

Rattle Ball: Is It One Of The Baby Toys I Need?

For an infant 3.5 months and older, the rattle ball is a great toy. Discover it in the collection of baby toys of the Handmade Baby Collection and give it to your baby, without a second thought. If you’re rightfully wondering how it’s different from the hand rattle you bought last month, just think about how rapidly your baby grows from day to day, and how his needs vary. For this reason, do not make any impression on you! The rattle ball in our collection, created – again – from cotton materials, is soft enough and easy to handle by an infant of 3.5 months and above. At this stage of your baby’s development, the rattle ball is one of the essential baby toys, as it functions as motivation for the baby’s mobility. Vivid designs, bright colors, sound stimuli create a place that your baby will not want to part with and you will count many hours of creative play with it.

Looking for a gift? Baby toys are the ideal proposition!

If you are invited to a christening, a shower party, or if you just want to give something to a newborn baby and you haven’t decided yet, now the Handmade Baby Collection has the solution. You guessed right! Baby toys are a great gift choice, either as a single gift or as a complement to something else. The only thing for sure is that baby toys are never enough, so don’t worry if some of them are already in the baby’s dowry. The infant needs a lot of toys, as his engagement with them is very important for his healthy development. You can always choose one of the above toys, i.e. the cuddly bunny, the hand rattle or the rattle ball. All three are equally necessary and helpful and very nice gift options. If you don’t want to donate just one toy, you can combine it with something else, a baby bathrobe for example, or make a composition of baby toys.

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