Baby nests

The baby nests are designed to help your baby’s smooth transition from your tummy to their own personal space. It is no coincidence that they are called “nests” since they provide the infant, baby or toddler with the warmth, care and sense of security; all the necessary factors for a healthy and complete development of their emotional world. 

For those of you still wondering what exactly we’re talking about, we’ll enlighten you right away! 

By baby nests we mean the fabric nest with a soft foam mattress at the bottom, which can fit in the baby’s crib, in the stroller or even on its own, on the couch or any other surface, to ensure your baby feels warm and safe at all times.

Baby nests: How to choose the right one?

When it comes to our baby, we always want to make the right choices to provide the best possible care, always. And when it comes to an important purchase that will ensure a peaceful sleep and creating an environment of love and security, we have little to no room for wrong or frivolous purchases. That’s why there are some useful tips to get us out of the difficult situation and help us to choose the one that meets our baby’s needs and our own, but also to get the best value for money. When it comes to baby nests, it may seem easy to make the right choice, but it is not always a given, especially when the product we purchase is not going to be used by us, but by a tiny little human with completely different needs.

Tips that will help you buy the right baby nest

So let’s look at some “rules” that it is recommended to follow before we buy a baby nest, but also anything else concerning our baby’s dowry.

  • First, we have to do a lot of research. 

The internet is our best friend when it comes to researching about buying products. Take some time and do a good research on the product you are interested in. This will give you the opportunity to compare quality features and prices until you find the one that suits you best.

  • We have to know exactly what we want. 

The most successful purchases are made when we are clear in our minds exactly what we want, how we want it and what needs we are called upon to meet. For example in choosing a baby nest, if the nursery is themed “Jungle and Wildlife” you will aim for a nest in the same design. If, on the other hand, you have not decided on a specific theme, but only have the colour palettes in mind, you move accordingly. However, you should have something in mind before you decide on the design, not just whether you like it or not.

  • We focus on the quality. 

We focus on the quality of the materials, the way the product is made and the overall identity of the company. Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to being used by our baby.

Why is the baby’s nest necessary?

We have already mentioned the multiple benefits of the baby nest for your baby. 

Just think about how important it is for an infant to feel surrounded by a protective cocoon, such as it was in the womb; a mattress that defines their space and makes them feel secure. Many times baby nests even take on the smell of mom, so they really become mom’s cuddle nests for the infant.

Apart from all this, baby nests will also help you a lot in your new daily life with your baby. They will be there to give you the solution when you want to leave your baby safe on the couch in the house for a while, or next to you at the kitchen table while you need to do prepare a meal. Inside the house, the baby nest will become a great helper to have your baby lying next to you at all times without worrying that they will get hurt or feel uncomfortable. 

Even outside of the houser, baby nests are there to (once again) make your life easier! On family outings, at the beach in summer, outdoors, in restaurants or cafes. Whichever the activity with your baby, you can have the baby nests with you to put them to sleep, put them to bed before bedtime, or have them there to keep them out of the stroller. The size of the nest, which is “made to measure” for your baby, allows you to carry it easily and move it around comfortably.

Therefore, you will see for yourself that baby nests are a “gift” to you too, those of you who are looking for practical solutions to your new daily life as it will be shaped with the arrival of your baby, or as it has already been shaped!

Convenience for you, a sense of security and care for your baby. Are you still thinking about it?

Meet our baby nests

The Handmade Baby Collection, which takes care of everything concerning the care of your baby, providing you with handmade products of high quality and high aesthetics, could not help but have a soft spot for baby nests in particular. 

Discover our collection of handmade baby nests, for which we cannot be more proud of! Made from cotton fabrics, with the bottom consisting of a foam mattress with hypo-allergenic filling, suitable for babies and toddlers.

Our baby nests are double sided and available in two sizes. However, what will amaze you, apart from the quality, is the variety of designs in which our baby nests come in and can harmonize with any nursery and elevate any decoration.

Vibrant colors, playful patterns, stars, wild animals, safaris, colorful rainbows, little ballerinas and jungles spring out of the nest to excite the child’s imagination and keep your baby in the coziest company.