First time MOM! What does a baby need?

A question that often concerns especially new mothers is what should I get so that my child does not miss anything. The arrival of a child is of course not an easy task. Children have many needs, it certainly has to do with the choices of each mother on the way she decides to raise her child. Specifically, if she breastfeeds or offers a bottle, if she decides to give a pacifier or not, which toys or educational books will she choose and what will be the future way of feeding the child. But one thing does not change, whatever the choices of a new mom or not, she will definitely need one first baby linens.

There is no more beautiful process than preparing the baby dowry for our baby. The first cuddly blankets, colorful bibs and the decoration of the children’s room. However, even in this part, of course, the choices are made according to the needs and possibilities of each house. By choosing a company with handmade products, you are given the opportunity to create unique items in the designs and dimensions of your choice. That is, you do not need to adapt to ready-made products that already exist on the market, but to make what you want in combinations that suit and serve you, upon order.

Custom made, you have decided on the design that suits you after you recently found out the gender of the baby. His room is almost complete. You have found the stroller you like. Wait to receive the crib that will go into your room until the child is transferred to his own separate room, so you now know the dimensions for the things you will need to make for your baby. So what will these be?


List of all essential baby dowry products for newborns

  1. Baby sleeping nest

This is a quite popular product in recent years. The baby nest works as a space reducer. Thanks to its shape, it offers the baby safety and a smoother transition from mom’s tummy to his own space. It is a perfect choice because it takes your hands off the sleeping part. It can be placed everywhere, on a sofa, in the cradle, in the crib, on the parents’ bed if you wish to harvest. You don’t have to take your whole house on vacation as long as you have it sleeping nest together, which can even be placed on a deckchair, so that the child does not miss the sleep he needs even if you are away from home.

2. Sheets

You will need at least two to three sheets. Please note that in the early days an infant cannot control his movements or anything he does is not done consciously. So often, “accidents” can occur once his diaper is removed. In addition and frequent reductions. So to keep our baby’s space clean we should make regular changes of the sheets. This is the reason why more than two sheets are needed for the child’s cradle. Once you select and the cart for the first walks with your baby you will definitely need some sheets for the bassinet of your stroller. Prefer handmade sheets with elastic for easier and faster application in a specific dimension that suits you.

3. Blanket

The choice of blanket depends on the likely date of delivery, i.e. on the season you are going to give birth. Clearly, whoever she is, the child needs one warm and safe environment. The most frequent choice of most moms is double-sided blanket. It has a cotton face with the design you want and a velvet face in the color of your choice. If you’re going to give birth in the winter, it’s definitely worth getting something warmer like one quilt. Ideally, you would choose the largest size so that you can keep the product for more than one season and enjoy it. In addition you can buy a smaller one lap blanket to have it everywhere with you even at your stroller rides.

4. Cuddle Bunny

Your baby’s first toy is his fluffy friend or otherwise the nanny or comforter bunny. Something familiar that will always be by his side. The cuddly bunny takes on the mother’s scent, giving the baby relaxation, warmth and security wherever he is.

5. Baby rattle

From the very second month of an infant’s life we can place things in his palm. We do this mainly to help him relax his grip, to open his palm slowly and of course to stimulate his interest in discovering things in his wider environment. At this age an infant cannot control their movements and while they can hold something in their hand, the most common result is bringing it to their head and injuring themselves. Ideally you should also avoid plastic and heavy wooden discovery toys. We recommend you to choose the Handmade Baby Collection rattle, because it has been properly designed to meet these needs without injuring the child. It is cotton and soft. It has a handle so that an infant can easily hold it. It is made of selected vivid colors and designs, as it also includes two sound stimuli to keep the child’s interest.

6. Lap diaper, cotton muslin blanket

Cool, soft and light – that’s how we’d describe the cuddly nappy from cotton muslin. It is considered one of the most suitable fabrics for babies. Can be used as a sheet, blanket, care cloth, in breastfeeding , in the cart and in the baby’s swaddle. You can even spread it in the bathroom if you want to prevent the baby from leaning directly on a plastic bathtub seat.

7. Cotton muslin care cloths, shoulder pads & utility towels

Small but essential accessories for every mom. Everything you need for daily use by the parents themselves but also by the visitors on top of your baby’s bundle. Gently wipe his face, hands and other parts of his body without irritating him.

8. Bib

The recommended bibs for the first months of life are bandana type. You can wear them every day on your baby, they serve to wipe the face after a meal and to keep the diaper clean from possible reductions. Growing up, they are also used for the baby’s saliva when the first teeth start.

9. Bathrobes, bath towels

Bathing your baby is a daily routine of relaxation and play for both the child and the parents. Whatever time and moment of the day you have chosen for this routine is certainly ideal to give more stimulation and freedom to the mobility of the infant. Scented shower gels and creams, colorful ducks, gathering the most necessary, cotton swabs, serums, diapers and pajamas, it is equally important to choose a suitable and easy-to-use towel. Those with a hood and a square shape are ideal. So you can easily and quickly, without the child getting cold, wrap him and put on the hood by wiping his head. Don’t be afraid to invest in the bathroom part because more than 2 cape bathrobes will definitely not go to waste.

10. Waterproof diaper changing cover or baby carrier

At the beginning of our article we mentioned that the acquisition of some products depends on the preferences and capabilities of each home. A frequent phenomenon is the lack of space, which does not allow us to have everything we need but urges us to find other more creative solutions. Maybe not everyone has a changing table at home, but diapers need to be changed anyway. By adding waterproof changing mats to your baby’s dowry you can easily change your child everywhere without dirtying another surface. Use it at home, out for a walk, in the car, at your visit to the pediatrician. Choose more upgraded cover options such as with inner lining. Ideal and suitable for changing your child on hard surfaces without having to layer something extra underneath. Convenient and practical covers can be everywhere with you in the stroller and in the child’s organizer bag.

11. Cosmetic organizer baskets

The first few days after your baby arrives can be quite difficult. A new reality, a new person with many needs. It takes time to get into your own rhythm and settle into a new routine. It will help you a lot to organize, to keep the first important items of daily use concentrated in one place. Specifically, your child’s first cosmetics, such as: diapers, care cloths, diaper changing creams, moisturizing creams, serums, Betadine, gauze, baby wipes. These baskets can be located in any part of the house that is convenient for you and can be easily moved if this point is to change.

12. Basket for laundry or toys

A large organizational basket may belong more to the decorative part and not so much to the first essentials. But if we think about how much the amount of laundry will increase and how much our free time will decrease, we will immediately include this in the first must have products. Especially in the first season, but not only that, you will need to change a lot of sheets, clothes, bibs, blankets and bathrobes. It would be ideal to create a separate storage for the unwashed baby items. So a large storage basket will certainly serve in this, which you could match with the rest of the baby dowry and the baby room respectively.

13. Nursing pillow

Of course, a child can grow up without a nursing pillow. However, getting one, from the period of your pregnancy, can offer you comfort and relief in sleep, in relaxation and in the future in the process of breastfeeding and in the daily life of the child. Try different breastfeeding positions without straining your back or arms, while creating a comfortable environment for the baby. Growing up the child can use the pillow for support and play of course after you have consulted your pediatrician first.

Knowing that the needs and preferences of each mother are unique, we suggest you search and create your own combinations of baby items at Specifically by choosing the Handmade Baby Collection, a company of handmade baby items, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to make the first necessary items and not only in the designs you like and in your measurements. Immediate service, absolute quality, unique designs and affordable prices have led many mothers to trust us for their most valuable and important purchases during the arrival of their baby and afterwards.

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