Baby Shower: A “custom” that is here to stay!

The baby shower can be characterized as a small party, a gathering that is, which is usually organized by the friends of the mother-to-be. So, shortly before giving birth, the mother welcomes loved ones to her home with the main theme being the arrival of the new baby! So the invited friends make sure to give her gifts related to the arrival of the baby and will help her in her new reality as a mother! The baby shower is a very beautiful opportunity for the future mother to spend beautiful moments with her own people and at the same time to share her possible worries, her impatience or the deepest thoughts about the arrival of the new member! For these reasons, although the baby shower is a strange habit, it was loved by mothers and non-mothers alike, and it seems that it is here to stay!

Invited to a baby shower? See our super gift suggestions

The joy of participating in such an occasion as a baby shower can be overshadowed to a small degree by the choice of gift. Don’t laugh! It may seem like an easy task, but it is not, especially if you want to give a gift that is useful, stylish & within the budget you have chosen. These three criteria are the most important for choosing the gift plus what the mother wants and needs or what she already has. This information is also very useful, and it is good to get it if we can. However, the downside of this option is that we will essentially just buy what the mom-to-be suggests without putting our own personal touch on the gift. Another negative is that in this way the exact cost of the gift is disclosed, something which for many is not desirable.

The truth is that most mothers – if not all – start preparing the dowry for their baby based on the theme they have chosen for his nursery or even for his crib. The “closest” people in the family are the ones who usually endow the baby with the most “heavily necessary” goodies, such as nest or the protective panda (braid or simple panda), because it is usually required to know the dimensions of the cradle/crib, which is also an accessory that is usually bought by the family itself or a very familiar person.

But let’s leave the most “big” gifts and see the categories that are suitable for safe gifts that the expectant mother will love!

Avoid the pitfalls…and choose a gift that mom will love!

A first tip you can follow is to create categories according to the needs of the newborn baby. For example, sleep, organization, bath, toy, clothing or accessories, are some of the most common categories in which we can move to choose the most suitable gift.

  1. Bathroom class!

The bathroom category is theoretically the safest of all because the more bathroom items a new mom has available, the better for her. Especially in the first season, the bathrobes as well as the rest of the items are wash-put for daily use. Therefore, no matter how many bath items a mom has, there is never enough, so your gift will definitely hit the spot and not be superfluous. Plus they are items that have some cost, so it’s not that easy for mom to have what she really needs without stressing about always having them clean and available.

Gift suggestion: A very nice gift set consisting of a bathrobe, a waterproof changing table cover, which accompanies you everywhere and auxiliary towels. If you want to enrich it further you can enhance it by adding organization products such as cosmetic baskets (for diapers, creams & baby cosmetics).

  1. Sleep class!

In this particular category, the safest option is a set of sheets, which will definitely be used. If it seems a very conventional option, you can combine them with a cotton muslin diaper or a small handmade toy, such as a rattle, to avoid the trap of the very classic gift. If your budget allows it you can even add a cuddly blanket that will definitely not go to waste!

Extra tip: Choose sheets without elastic to fit all types of children’s beds.

  1. Organization category!

The number one product that comes to mind when we hear organization is what else? The baskets. Baskets are the best friends of an organized household, and certainly a baby, apart from care and love, needs good space organization to be and feel safe. Prefer a basket made of soft material to make it easy for the baby to use. A basket can have many possible uses for storing products. For example, at first it can be used as a laundry basket and later as a toy storage basket. You can accompany it with smaller cosmetic organizer baskets of the same design or with a simple toy to demonstrate its use as well.

  1. Game category!

This category has many and imaginative options! It’s a gift that’s definitely useful, as toys are essential to a baby, but he’ll start “using” them after the first two months of his life, at least!

Gift Suggestion: You can create a unique baby set consisting of handmade toys made of baby-friendly materials, such as a rattle/rattle ball/cuddle bunny, which will give him peace of mind by absorbing his mom’s scent. You can enrich the set with small accessories such as a ribbon or a bib. For the highest budgets, it can also be combined with a lap blanket or bathrobe.

  1. Clothing or accessories category!

This particular category is very wide and you have several options, most of which are quite classic! Jumpsuits, bibs, hats, formal wear or tank tops. There is an abundance of options for all tastes and all budgets. Surely, you will find – if you haven’t already – that these are the most common gift options. However, you can innovate while staying in the same category!

Gift suggestion: Just think about the needs of the expectant mother and give her a nursing outfit, a nursing apron or even a nursing pillow! It’s sure to be something the nursing mom will love and you’ll have made a great gift choice, leaving behind the more trivial suggestions.

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