The first trips to the beaches with your baby

Summer is fast approaching and officially in a few days, but already the high temperatures push us to the nearest beaches to cool off, play and spend beautiful hours with our little one/s. The coast, after all, is a place intertwined with fun and play for our little ones, but also for us who we need to escape for a while from our routine. Sure, for the new parents who will visit the sea for the first time this year with their baby, perhaps, this excursion will cause not only joy but also a little anxiety about whether they will manage to give their baby the care it needs to enjoy this “magical” place.

The “secret” is good organization

The “secret” of success is very simple and lies in the correct organization and in the fact that the parents have made provision to have all the necessary accessories with them, thus ensuring their baby the comfort he needs. Caution! Being well organized doesn’t mean we have to move our baby’s dowry to the beach, but having all those products that will give us the much-desired convenience and fun. The summer collection of Handmade Baby Collection products, which you will find in the Beach Collection category, provides you with the basic and necessary items that you should be equipped with, such as bathrobe – cape and beach towel for your baby in a wide range of cool and cheerful designs that satisfy all preferences.

The 100% handmade bathrobe – cape is the number one must have beach product that will accompany you on your excursions. With one side made of toweling fabric for extra absorbency and the other side in a design of your choice, you combine serving your practical needs and creating a unique style. In fact, you can combine its design with the beach towels from the same collection. Our beach towels, also 100% handmade, have extra absorbency thanks to the toweling fabric, and can easily be set with the bathrobe – beach cape by choosing your favorite from many of the designs in our collection, Beach Collection.

With the handmade and extra absorbent creations of the Handmade Baby Collection you keep your baby warm by wiping him well as soon as he comes out of the water. Keeping your baby warm even in high temperatures is very important; for the same reason we don’t let a wet swimsuit dry on him or leave him without wearing clothes that protect him from the sun so he can play with safety under the sun. A good solution is to buy a full-body swimsuit or top/shorts swimsuit with UV protection for the best possible sun protection. Ideally, you may need to bring more than two of these swimsuits with you so that you can trade them in and have time to dry.

First time at sea with your baby? We have the solution for you

Every first time is difficult, you will have heard, and the truth is that it is true in most cases. Maybe the first time at sea with our baby will turn out to be a little more difficult than we imagined, that’s why we give you some tips so that nothing spoils this beautiful experience for you and your baby. A frequent problem you may face is that your baby does not want to step on the sand or enter the sea • but there is a solution! The inflatable plastic pool, which can be easily filled with sea water and will allow your baby to slowly get used to the sea without stress. The size of the pool is small and the child can control it comfortably plus the coolness he will feel will make him love it. Ideally, it could play there and with the accompanying water toys.

Another problem you will be asked to solve is the issue of your baby sleeping on the beach. The Handmade Baby Collection can help you in this with the infant/toddler nests, which are an excellent solution whether you are on a free beach or at a beach bar thanks to their perimeter protective cover and their inner soft mattress, the nests of the Handmade Baby Collection ensure a safe and comfortable sleep for your baby, either place them on the deckchair or on a mat. For even more comfort, you can untie its laces and give your child more freedom of movement.

Don’t forget to have it with you!

The additional necessary equipment that you will definitely need is a hat, the appropriate sunscreen for your baby’s skin, a diaper for water as a simple diaper may swell in contact with water and become annoying, sunglasses, a second change of clothes, toys of the sea and of course a shade under which he can play as long as he wishes, being well protected from the sun and at times when the position of the sun is not harmful to the little bathers• avoid, that is, midday hours.

Experts advise…

Your baby’s first “dives” are a precious moment both for him and for you who want to see him try new joys and “adventures” with you next to him to feel safe and secure. That’s why we must have consulted our pediatrician before our first trips to the beach with our baby. But let’s look at the basic instructions given by the Greek association of pediatricians:

  1. Infants up to one year should not spend more than 15 minutes in the water.
  2. Babies from 18 months to three years old should not spend more than 40 minutes in the water.
  3. Hold your baby in your arms and enter the sea with him • if he starts to cry, you should get out of the water without panic.
  4. While you hold your baby in your arms and enter the water, you should have wet his little hands and feet so he can sense his temperature.
  5. The baby should not escape your attention for a single moment, even if it is equipped with the special life jacket for babies.

Handmade Baby Collection wishes you beautiful holidays and trips to the sea in safety, comfort and unique style.

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