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Our company started its operation in 2020 with the trigger of a joyful and great event in our life, the arrival of the first child for me and the first grandchild for my mother • the arrival of Efthymis.

Together with Efthymis, or rather before his arrival in our lives, we were particularly concerned with how to make him feel constantly safe and calm, even when he is not in some intimate embrace. Our first concern, then, was the care and sense of security, which we wish for all babies, and we wish to provide them in the best possible way. The truth is that any fabric or texture can hardly replace parental care or the care of grandmothers and loved ones, having this knowledge we proceeded with the baby’s needs as a criterion to relieve it and give it happiness from the first his moments.

The first steps

Just like babies’ first steps, ours as a company were “uncertain”, because when we started researching and sewing Efthymis’ dowry we did not aim for what followed, in our second creation, the Handmade Baby Collection. To get “flesh and bones” it took a mother and a daughter, who in the midst of a difficult year (2020!), starting from a personal concern for the upcoming first child and first grandchild respectively, turned the difficult periods into children’s smiles.

We are a family business with the female stamp, of two mothers, one of whom is also a grandmother. We are inspired every day by the needs of the baby and we recommend products that have been created with love, care and a lot of care. The main goal of our products is twofold: Ergonomics and aesthetics. Handmade 100% baby friendly products that serve your baby’s needs and take care of him the way you would like to take care of him, while at the same time they are in modern lines and in a wide variety so that they harmonize with your space and specialized needs.

Handmade Mama Collection

Handmade Mama Collection is the sister company of Handmade Baby Collection and deals with the needs of breastfeeding moms to provide them with everything they need, or everything they wish they had, to better serve their needs.

Our clothes, intended for nursing mothers, are also handmade – like all the products of our companies – and all stages of their production are done exclusively in Greece: Design, preparation, sewing.

Taking into account all the difficulties that the breastfeeding process can involve, we aim for both comfort and convenience as well as elegance. We are interested in the combination of serving practical needs while at the same time providing comfort that every human being wishes to feel with its clothing choices; the limitations, which a nursing mother may know, are overcome, as with the blouses of the Handmade Mama Collection you can breastfeed everywhere, without having to remove part of your clothes or without looking for the special breastfeeding areas. At the same time, you will love our designs because they are “fresh”, casual and can easily be adapted to the style of each of you. After all, self-confidence is our ally in all periods of our lives!

Thank you for inspiring us and allowing us to care for you with our handcrafted products that meet the needs of all modern moms.


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