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Baby bib ‘Hearts’

Our bibs are made of cotton and soft fabrics, in the designs of your choice. They are fastened with velcro

Baby nest ‘Hearts’

Our handmade nest is designed to give warmth and comfort to your baby, starting from the very first day of

Baby rattle ‘Hearts’

From infancy, your baby can hold things in his or her hand. But he still has no control over his

Beach bag ‘Hearts’

The original and 100% handmade beach bag by Handmade Baby Collection was designed to meet the needs of a mum

Double-sided cot bumper ‘Hearts’

This bumper adds extra safety, comfort and warmth to your baby’s cot. All of our bumpers feature a cotton and

Nappies & wipes case ‘Hearts’

Keep diapers and wipes organized during your walks and outdoor activities with your baby with the Handmade Baby Collection cases.

Nursery storage/ laundry basket ‘Hearts’

Keep the nursery organised by using the Handmade Baby Collection baskets to store your baby’s toys or laundry. All of

Nursing pillow ‘Hearts’

From now on, the breastfeeding process becomes much more comfortable and restful for mother and baby. By placing the baby

Set of Three multi-purpose baby towels ‘Hearts’

Whether in the bathroom or at dinner, these multi-purpose towels will come in handy for every mum. Designed to be

Set of Two mini storage baskets ‘Hearts’

The Handmade Baby Collection storage baskets will make every mom’s life easier. Organise your baby’s toiletries, nappies and small items

Stroller pad ‘Hearts’

Sleeping in the stroller becomes more comfortable than ever! Choose a stroller pad in the design of your choice for

Waterproof changing pad cover ‘Hearts’

The Handmade Baby Collection’s waterproof changing pad cover is one of the first things you should consider getting with the