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‘Big Ocean’ Motor Activity Cube

With two bead mazes, a shape-fitting game, a sliding maze, and a tile-turning game on five playable surfaces, this nautical

10 Duo Puzzle ‘Animal and its food’

Learn what each animal eats! Includes 10 puzzles consisting of 2 pieces each. Made of thick pressed cardboard by DJECO.

10 Duo Puzzle ‘Animals in their nest’

Where does each animal live? You’ll find out by matching the pieces of the French company DJECO’s puzzle. Includes 10

10 Duo Puzzle ‘Learning numbers’

We learn the quantity and the numbers. By constructing the puzzles you can learn the first numbers! Puzzles made of

12 Duo Animal Puzzle ‘Mommy & Kids’

We learn the quantity and the numbers. By constructing the puzzles,kids learn their first numbers! Includes 12 puzzles consisting of

12 Duo Puzzle ‘Mom and child’

Mama bear is looking for her teddy bear, but so is mama monkey looking for her baby monkey! How about

2 in 1 Toolbox and Workbench

This colourful workbench turns into a toolbox in no time, so all your tools can be stored quickly and easily.

2-piece ‘Forest Animals’ Puzzle Set

A set of 8 2-piece puzzles by the company CUBIKA. By putting two-by-two pieces together, children will get to know

24 pcs Wooden puzzles – magnets ‘Little animals’

Combine the wooden magnets to make beautiful and unique animals! Children practice their focus and observation skills to create 6

3 pcs Puzzle ‘My Day’

Puzzle from the Puzzle Trio series by Djeco, consisting of 24 pieces of durable pressed cardboard with which you can

4 Puzzle ‘Jungle animals’

Four fun “safari” themed puzzles for beginners! This set consists of four animal puzzles with 3, 4, 5, and 6

6 Duo Puzzle ‘Animals’ with motion effect

A DJECO puzzle from the Puzzle Duo series, with large, thick puzzle pieces, ideal for the small hands! Children are